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January 9, 2008


Well, I needed to draw SOMEthing tonight and I did...a floating torso...Lol


I call him Zeoh. I like hia hair. It looks like a...hawk or something :P I'm thinking he should have a lean body and tall. Lol, ok all my boys are tall ('cept for Cyl) I can't help it XD I'm thinking Zeoh should have a swimmer's body. Lean, sleek, silky & great to touch haha.

I actually had another picture of him. Full body, naked. But when I saved it, my comp crashed so it was adios naked full body Zeoh :P Sigh, I need that voltage regulator thingy soon :P


Anonymous said...

Hope to see Zeoh nude soon! I love your drawnings!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is amazing.
All your work is amazing.
And I am sorry about your computer problems.
I hope you get everything worked out.
I am having problems myself.
My Mac died.
and I just got it.
Oh well.

PS: I got a tablet for Christmas.
Maybe one day I will be able to draw half as good as you.

Anonymous said...

Your description sounds good! Already from the pic, he's fuckin' hot.

Keep up the great work, and hope to see many sexy new characters in the future ;)

Kain3 said...

Love it...

See ya on messengerrr!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my! I hope this be the character that would go on and dominate dear Xerude~ (prays that Humbunged won't give Zeoh a swimmer type bod teehee)

White Wabbit said...

Your work always ALWAYS looks so effortless!!! You are so freakin' talented - I sometimes feel a little sick come up when I visit your blog!!! There's always so much new stuff - it's always pretty much flawless... GRR!!

*wishes I was you*

Wabbit xx

P.s. Wow I really sound a bit demented in this comment. I am.

Anonymous said...

Oaah! I can´t stop thinking Zeoh making love with Xerude(but it´s for Xerude to dominate›.‹). Hope someday...;)

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