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February 18, 2008

Iceman's Midnightman Comic

Yo everyone! I'm sure you've all known Iceman, yes? He makes drawing naughty comics look like its a breeze. He's made a lot of yummy yummy ones (my fav is the X-Men Evolution cast gettin nasty in the shower room).

Iceman will soon be releasing his very own comic, Midnightman! There's a pin-up section in the comic. I was asked if I would like to contribute :D Of course I said YES! Iceman's artworks was one of the first to initiate my interests into the land of drawing the male physique (yeah, that includes drawing men having sex hahaha). So this was my thank you to Iceman for inspiring me :D Thanks Icey! :)

Iceman's Midnightman relaxing after a good wank session

PS - Patrick Fillion is also taking part in the book! OMG, I get to brush shoulders with two well known artists yay! :D


Anonymous said...

He so hot!!

I think he will melt sometime. XD

Anonymous said...

Very nice as usual! I don't know what else to does it feel working with known artists? Anywho, keep up the good work!

Adam G said...

Who is Iceman?


I really love his artworks! The pic you did for him is really flaming hot, great work! <3

I can't wait to read it.

Keep up the awesome work!


Ambrosian Summers said...

I think he's adorable. XD

That's cool. Someone is climbing up the ladder now. I hope I can be one of those. But That would be a while from now.

Keep up the dedication there. :D

JC said...

I can't wait for this book.

K3rry said...

wow, you did a nice job with him, i really like the colors and lighting in this one. Iceman is one of my idols and so happy that he's going to release his own comic ! Congrats by the way ! you get to work with some of best artist out there . I have a while to go before i reach to your level, but i'll keep trying !

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