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February 21, 2008

Xerude's Surprise Fuck (Commission)

Hello all! I've finished a commission recently and here it is! This is for Costa69.

Xerude's Surprise Fuck

See the pic comes with a little story too! :P

"One day, Xerude sunbathing nude at his backyard. He was drifting off to sleep when suddenly, someone crawled on top of him! Xerude opened his eyes and saw a naked elf guy rubbing his butt on Xerude's cock. Ever the horny daddy, Xerude's cock started to get hard and was throbbing. The unknown elf lifted his butt up and sat on Xerude's meat. Xerude got so horny, that he didn't bother questioning the guy where he came from. Xerude was feeling rather lucky to get a good sunbathing as well as a great fuck."

Lol, and there you have it! One of the many adventures of horny daddy, Xerude ;D


K3rry said...

lol, hot and funny XD i am so imagining Xerude being like "What the ... hhhmmm", o well ! XD lol, i know costa69 will really like it too, nice job hum !

Adam G said...

I love, love Xerude! This is so funny and of course, hot. I love his expression XD

Great work <3!

Anonymous said...

Heh, awesome as usual. Good job! :D

Anonymous said...

Whaaah!!! HOT HOT HOT

I love every your pics.

Good job!!!

Anonymous said...

This makes me love more Xerude than before....even if that sounds imposible

Anonymous said...

now give him a orc to... shall we say, "give a try"? crud, that sounded lame.

Anonymous said...

I wish that happens in real life,

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I am always amused at everything that everyone commishes. Keep it up! <3

dreamerboy6 said...

Um... me next? ^_^; /me <3's Xerude. :)

DJ Korina said...

nice job humbug! Xerude is so hot!~

Bestchoicesinindia said...

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MorethanMom said...

I dont know about You guys but the Black haired elf looks like My dad dad when He was younger

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