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February 29, 2008

Xerude Plays in Bed (Commission)

Phew another commission done *_* Here's a picture of Daddy Rudey (Lol, yes that's my pet name for him nowadays) playing with his lovely toy in bed. Well it looks like he had fun. And that's a whole lotta fun he's got hahaha.

Xerude Plays in Bed

Yeah, I know he looks kinda pretty with all that flowy green hair haha. Oh look! A cute plushie doll :D Who could it be? hahaha ;)


Heyohwhoa said...

He's gorgeous!! He looks very sexy here and molestable heh :D

Lucrece said...


Anonymous said...

Lol! If his jock's green, does that mean he dyes his pubes?

Ambrosian Summers said...

Hair as soft as silk XD

Now either that is a little dribble of drool around there or he got REALLY into it... :P

Anonymous said...

I like the cute little plushie. X3
Xerude is getting more appealing, little by little to cute ways...if that's possible. Keep it up ~ <3

dreamerboy6 said...

Even with the long flowing hair, I still can't help imagine him doing me. XD

Anonymous said...

Uhh... spanking the big monkey, yes?
why little monkey is not spanked?

Anonymous said...

He's so yummy! *¬* And his body's so well drawn, so beutiful...
Keep up the amazing job! ;D

DJ Korina said...

should i poke him? xD

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