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April 5, 2008

Humplex Caramelldansen

Notice: There's an updated Widescreen version now.

I had to do one of my elves :D They look so happy

/(^_^)/ \(^_^)\ /(^_^)/ \(^_^)\

You know you like it XD Hahahah!

Humplex Caramelldansen

Youtube version here

Download this flash (Right click and save)

If you wanna look for the version that started this Caramelldansen craze, google for Popotan - Caramelldansen.


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

... That is. Absolutely... AMAZING.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God XD

This should be uploaded to YouTube. And yes, they will accept it--There's a version of two guys with their asses showing, so I think that some innocent underwear would be acceptable.

At any rate, I now love this song more.

humbuged said...

anon, i already did haha XD

Anonymous said...


What wrong whit 2 guys... (shock O[]o!)

But that so cute (^_^). Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

I love-love-love-love-love it ~ ^o^ <3

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! Hum! You never cease to amaze me! LOL

I'm gonna go look for it on YouTube! :D

- Ricardo

Lewis said...

o.O ..... Awesome!! wooo *dances with* :3 ..... ..... ..... ..... OMG It doesn't stop lol! ahhh!

Anonymous said...

Holy Bloody Hellfire there are no words that explain the awesomeness of this! I want to download it and play it every day now >_>

and yes, this needs to be uploaded to youtube!

Anonymous said...

omg, this is the best one ever! XD

Anonymous said...

omg thats cool lol keric looks so embarrassed while cyl is having lots of fun and xrude is just enjoying the view

Kolby said...

LOVE IT! This one tops the cute Pikachu one!

Anonymous said...

^^ I think this made my half-year!
Thank you Hum!

Anonymous said...

hey i love ur art work. but can u do some more bondage and sexy stuff with zulf plz i'm a great fan for him

Anonymous said...

was a smack of cheerfullness right up to me kisser >:3 thanks for making it humbug ^-^

Anonymous said...

This is cool! I'm trying to make one myself but its not going too great T___T What programs did you use to make this?

humbuged said...

i used adobe flash :)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! Poor Keric! LOL!

Anonymous said...

OMG! this is soo cute! (yes im a dude).can u tell me what song this is and what software this is? i wanna start making things like this! and the price for me is no issue. im kinda rich. my dad owns a limo company. so plz tell me!

Anonymous said...

iv been listning to this for lik an hour. omg its just lik the hottest thing you kno? cyl look lik he coulnt be having any more fun and keric i guess liks it but hes shy!!!! poor guy. u pulled it off again hum! great job!

humbuged said...

the software used is adobe flash cs3 :)

Anonymous said...

oh thnx and wow im chatten with humplex!!! kinda cool!

Anonymous said...

woops sorry. humbug. there we go

Blackfire said...

hey humbug how did u get you inspiration to make these drawings and every thing? i make dubs and u make drawings. me and you kinda have something in common. somehow i think wed be good friends. hm?

Anonymous said...

Lol i never would have thought it but Keric being so shy makes him even hotter.

Humbuged keep up the great work this is made of win <3

Anonymous said...

rofl keric looks so cute and innocent in his tidy whities ^^ me likey... me likey...... -starts to get hard- um.. g2g! if u catch my drift... ^^ bye bye hum mmmmmm

Anonymous said...

that is so cute and amazing, you should totally do one with your furries

Anonymous said...

WOW! hahaha, great animation! hahah.

I wish I wasn't gay.

Matthew Mahoney said...

Haha, Keric is so CUTE when he's blushing. Awesome flash. =P

LNP- Ground Zero said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LNP- Ground Zero said...

XD LOL! I like how Cyl's just enjoying himself.

aaa830 said...

Don't be shy Keric like Cyl's keep enjoying
Keep moving
(Very Funny)

Unknown said...

OMG NOOOOO!!! Ive got that song stuck in my head now. >.< D.Gray-man RULES

Lucifer89 said...

It doesn't work nomore.... :'(

Anonymous said...

Who doesnt love a good caramelldansen?
*squeeing with utter delight over this*

Captain ObviousLE said...

God, I love your art.
What program do you use? It seems to me that the art looks a lot like Square Enix's FF art.
Anyways, love it.
Can't wait til' Chapter 4 D<
Sucks that only 1 short chapter comes out once a year. DAMN!!! Good thing I got MS Paint Adventures (^~ ^")

FCD said...

hi, uhm, I love your work, but... this one isn't working for me... could you maybe repost it or give me a link?

FCD said...


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