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July 19, 2008

Cyl's Swimwear

Phew, well thank god (and Babe!) that the previous catastrophe is over. I was drawing Cyl when it all happened. Cyl was so good, smiling and cheering on the whole time! I'm sure he just wants to get Keric's dirty pics back though...He would've been the sole survivor :O

A yummy survivor though, with his new blue swimwear :D

Cyl's Swimwear

1280 x 960 Wallpaper here

1280 x 800 (Wide Screen) Wallpaper here

1280 x 1024 Wallpaper here


Anonymous said...

Hot as always! I'm happy everything's sorted out.

Anonymous said...

Yay ~ I love Cyl ~ <3
Too bad he didn't take all of the shirt off ~ *o*
Glad everything is well again ~ :3 <3

Anonymous said...

As if we'd wanna see Cyl in some swim wear thing...get rid of it immediately! ;o at least the shirt :3

On a side note, it's always nice to come across artists that are aware that the abs are in fact octaceps (stupid Americans, mixing beer with hunky anatomy), although the bottom two 'heads' are usually fused together, so you might wanna ease a bit on that vertical line.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I see Cyl has been Added to the banner. Now, to sum it all up, we need A Xerude in swimwear & on the banner, right?

It would be even better if it were Xertude WITHOUT swimwear! :P

tedri50 said...

beautiful boi.
much too modest :)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hum, you know how you have all those hot pictures of Keric with all those toys? You should make one with Cyl and a toy or two. :P Just an idea.

I love all your work and hope to tip soon. Keep up the good work. :)

Anonymous said...


Cyl is just so cute! <3

And his teasing modesty is just something delicious. :3~

Anonymous said...

darn , everytime i see him i get a boner...

sextatious13 said...

I love Cyl so much, hes my favorite, love his hair, and I love seeing him in swim wear that is my favorite shade of blue.

i just all around love the guy

we need some more dirty pictures of him though.


aww I could just eat him up, so adorable

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