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July 23, 2008

Xerude's Swimwear

Ah, Xerude :) I think Xerude is the kind of guy who DOESN'T wear swimwear. I had to make him wear one to fit the theme though hehe :) It's probably a G-string ;D

Xerude's Swimwear

1280 x 960 Wallpaper here

1280 x 800 (Wide Screen) Wallpaper here

1280 x 1024 Wallpaper here


Anonymous said...

realy sexy :D
i love your work
looking forward to play keriks komplex 3 :)

J C said...

again, you create such beautiful men .. hes so dreamy .. along with the last post lol tee hee

Anonymous said...

Awesome work! I always love to see Xerude! I love him!!! Xerude is so hawt...

Anonymous said...

Man Xerude is so hot. When I first saw this I just sort of stared at it for 5 minutes.

Mad Dog said...

I think it's in the face. It looks like you've altered the features a tad. He looks REAL good this way. :3

Anonymous said...

Wowwww Xerude was always sexy but this time he's REALLY good,ur characters has changed a little but to BETTER than before gratz!

Anonymous said...

Xerude is so hot! I really enjoyed this series, Hum-dude!

Anonymous said...

Normally I'm not all that into elfs, but Xerude is SO FUCKING HOT! Damn I'd love a daddy like him! :-P

Matthew Mahoney said...

Xerude in a G-string...HOT. Nice art. You should upload Keric, Cyl, and Xerude's swimwear pics to Deviant Art if you haven't already.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, Loincloth...

Anonymous said...

zomfgz i wub xerude!!!!11+

i would love to see him pound a redhead senseless!!..wait, im a redhead....hmm...this could work.this is now serious thread.

Anonymous said...

This guy is so hot, I just wanna throw him out of my computer and do him right on the floor! Him and Zulf and Arus.

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