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August 16, 2008

Furries Swimwear 2008 T-shirts


Yep, new t-shirts in the Humshop :) There are two versions of this series. Wear your favourite furry with his swimwear on your chest! :D

Price is only USD$19.99 :D

- Color Change T-shirt version**
Yes, you can change the t-shirt color! :D Choose which t-shirt you want at the Humshop, and choose a color in the Color drop-down bar! :D

Furries Swimwear 2008 Color Change T-shirts

- White T-shirt version

Furries Swimwear 2008 T-shirts

Buy them all at the Humshop

A bigger preview of the t-shirt designs

**The Elves Swimwear 2008 T-shirts has this version too!

PS- I had to make two versions because Spreadshirt has different printing methods for white and colored t-shirts :)


Anonymous said...

You should do mousepads with those designs also! I'm more likely to use those than to wear one of the furry tees in public. But that's just me :x

humbuged said...

haha, hey, thats a good idea :)

Ben said...

Hey just hoping you were gonna re-release the Toraz tshirts, I totally want to get one.

Unknown said...

So sad they're gone :(

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