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September 6, 2008

MANLY Comic Fanart

Heyohwhoa (DHC Underground) told me the other day about a comic book that he worked on (he's the colorist). One look at Manly's cover and it's obvious the book is yummy! ;D So I had to make a fanart of the yummy boxer with the yummy bum XD Hehe!


Check out a review of the book or pre-order it :)


Heyohwhoa said...

Oh man this is soooooo awesome. You did such a great job and he does look very yummy hehe. Thanks a bunch for helping out. I'm sure the other people who worked on the book appreciate this as well :D Thanks :D

Dale Lazarov said...
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Dale Lazarov said...

Thanks for supporting MANLY! Your fan-art is super-hot. :)

Here's another review that just went up:


Anonymous said...

I wanna bite this sweet ass!
I loved it! very sexy!
Lighting is flawless as always!

François said...

Thanks for linking to my site.
You sure get a lot of traffic!

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