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August 27, 2008

Hello, Tegaki E!

I've joined the sketch site(?), Tegaki E :) It's fun! If you have the time, please come on by :)

Zulf, Invading Your Privacy


Anonymous said...

he looks so adorable that way ^.^ hey Hum, I wanna see a pic of you with ure hot elf guys :) that would make my day ^___^

Anonymous said...

hes so adorable =D

Anonymous said...

Hello there Luv, Just wanted to say Welcome and tell you how glad I am that you've decided to join us over at Tegaki... It my be a little bit of a struggle to draw there at first, but judging on how well your first entry turned out, I think you'll be fine... Again, Thank You, Welcome and I hope you have tons of fun... X3

Anonymous said...

Zulfy ~ >w< <3

Unknown said...

I think you should totally make a shirt like that lol. Maybe put your own twist on it tho

Keiji said...

He could invade mine, or Zerrif's space any day ;D

Anonymous said...

Great work! love how sexy he came out. I shall take your advise and go check it out, it looks way fun!

Anonymous said...

omg ♥♥tegaki♥♥ love it so muche

LordNeXXuS said...

I want him to invade my privacy!

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