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October 17, 2009

Keric Getting Fucked in Manga

Hey, everyone :) Just trying to vent my frustrations out on Keric. Hardware problems again. My modem got fried blargh :P

Just trying out manga style. I can't seem to do those gradient shadows very nicely in manga. So flat anime kind of colors kind of works for me. I guess this is actually more like anime style hehe :D

Hmm, who could be fucking Keric? ;D

Keric Getting Fucked in Manga

Update: Just for fun, here's a Japanese version.


rainbow rabbit said...

Nice drawing. Unfortunately, I can relate to computer trouble. I am currently unable to create new pictures as result.

Inferno said...

Hmm, who could be fucking Keric? ;D

Ooh, let me guess! Xerude, right? I think I can tell by the shaft.

If I'm wrong, well...I'm wrong. And if I'm right, I clearly spend far too much time looking at porn.

Redfield said...

i love this page
jejejeje and the games? cool!

take care

i like xerude is my favourite

Sam McClure said...

you should really put the whole comic on your website if you have had the comic for a while

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