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October 19, 2009

Drake Feeds Keric

This is an art trade (few months ago) with Hotcha :) Been a long time cumming haha. Thanks for the opportunity, Hotcha :) Keric seems to be handling Drake's cock well, hehe!

Messy version here


Anonymous said...

i just came

G the Great said...

Wow! Steamy! I love it!

Anonymous said...

@_@ I cant stop looking at this Hummy~
this is too sexy!

and the messy version, that cum looks so real I can smell it ._.


O dono dessa budega! said...

"and the messy version, that cum looks so real I can smell it " [2]


\o/ That's it! Let the action happen!

mebastrol said...

i love seeing this its hot but the other ones are better keric is hot but i love the ones where hes in with xerude getting pounded :P i bite my lip just thinking of it its so hot can you make one with both of them and maybe one with daemon 2 plz

mebastrol said...

i come here daily anyway so i love seeing your work and i wanted to know if you could make a chatroom. plz? :)

Damian & Trent said...

All that cum makes our swallow reflex happen. Thanks.

Damian & Trent

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