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October 21, 2009

Xbuimonsama in Red Speedo (Commission)

Hello all :D This is a (really long ago) commission for Xbuimonsama. Finally after finishing Keric's Komplex 3, I started doing all the backed-up things that I needed to do :D Enjoy!

Xbuimonsama in Red Speedo (Commission)

PS - Yes, it's supposed to be a macro theme, so I drew little tress and bushes hehe XD


Unknown said...

Make one of Angemon! mmm angemon naked.... xD I bet that'll be even better

Baraboylover said...

Amazing. Whenever I watched certain animes/cartoons when I was younger, I was always intrigued by the muscly-looking ones. X-Veemon happened to be one of them. And of course: Angemon, Leomon, Beezlemon, and many more I think. Although it took me years later to find out that I actually had a sexual attraction to guys, muscular guys. And yet I never took the boner I got from looking at these characters as a sign, lol.

Anonymous said...

o(^^)o thats a nice looking digmon :P i wonder if he has a companion for his journeys :D

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