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May 18, 2010

Monthly Manful: The Waiter

Monthly Manful: The Waiter
Price: USD$9.99
Buy Now at Studio Rai29
Desperate to find the hot endings? Get the Top Secret Walkthrough Guide Manful: The Waiter ebook.

Hungry? Qrestof, the waiter, will serve you the best piece of meat. Talk to him and find out how else he can serve you!

- Chat simulation
- Music
- Different underwear
- Multiple endings (some interactive)
- User Guide (PDF format)

More at Studio Rai29.

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Diamond Dust said...

Yay ~ a new one. <3
This time, there are some interactive endings? How exciting ~ o3o

Anonymous said...

O.o! wow.. i normally dont like blonde guys.. but dayum.. i think he's the hottest so far... good job.. excited to play^^

Anonymous said...

O.o! wow.. i normally dont like blonde guys.. but dayum.. i think he's the hottest so far... good job.. excited to play^^

Tim said...

I love all these games so much. If i might make a humble request, could a future monthly manful be a biker with a mohawk, tattoos and piercings? that would be hot!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to say, this is the best one so far....
Like the multiple CG endings and different underwear. Wish they were all interactive. Was there a special ending for the multicolored underwear? It would be nice to know how many ending there were, just to have something to shoot for. Maybe like an 'unlockables' screen; or at least something in the documentation.

Oh, and I agree with Tim; you should do a bad-boy biker/punk. Oh and don't forget construction worker too....

Unknown said...

He is the hottest monthly man we've had so far! ....but I've been at this for ages and cannot for the life of me get to the interactive ending! Can anyone drop a few hints that might help me please? ^^;;

Anonymous said...

I really liked the interactive ending idea :D. It would be awesome to see this extended on, perhaps making a scene set for the endings to (with choices etc). Fantastic work man, and you have my praise.

Unknown said...

Great game but I'm seriously lost when it comes to getting the interactive endings. Could someone please give a hint or two?

tinman said...

this is just a random idea, but so far your characters all have a bold dialog (i mean, bold as in sex oriented)
What if you expanding the personality for other characters to come?
- a shy gardener (lots of stuttering words, while the player acts as his employer). Dialogs like, "U-um, Sir... what are you doin? S-sir, someone might see us.. U-u-uhn.. I'm feeling weird"
- tsundere-type biker/punk (sorry, i cant find english word equivalent to 'tsundere', but you could google it up easily). Dialogs like, "Oy! Keep your hands! Ee-h! Why the hell you touch me like that?! D-d-damn it! Dont touch me there!"
- stoic classmate (or Librarian)

Of course, this is just a suggestion from a fan.I'm sure you already have your own concept!
Looking forward for your next project!

Unknown said...

Love you´re work, totally hot!!!

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