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May 31, 2012

More Manful For You

This month's Manful will be late. XD Good news is you'll have 2 Manfuls next month right? I! How about playing with previous Manfuls if you haven't yet. :)

More Manful For You.


Mokou Fujiwara said...

Can't wait for it :)
What's the estimated date of release anyway?

humbuged said...

The first Manful should be out anytime next week. :D

Unknown said...

hey! how about the keric's complex part 4?! i really can't wait for that!

Mokou Fujiwara said...

What about the 2nd?
and yeah, how about keric's complex part 4? xD

Azure said...

I was wondering for the future keric complex 4, could Keric be involved in public nudity, that would be really hot. ;)

Stay awesome hum :) !

kemsit said...

yah what is the realase date of keric complex 4 or montly manful the 2 guys when will the realse? i keep looking evryday at this site i rly love it even looking for keric complex 4 cant wait for it dasnt matter if it takes a week atlast if it will come atlast more faster then a month would do good cause ur fans cant wait the love you :)-

Mokou Fujiwara said...

2 weeks passed and still no updare :(
what happened?

My bad at my 2nd comment lol
i thought the 2 manfuls will be released this month lol
my brain didn't read the word "next"

kemsit said...

i think this is the next month...
or atlast hope so.... :(

Anonymous said...

Are the guys you draw cut or uncut? Which do you prefer?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mushie362 said...

:( you have not made a new post in like a month lol I been coming back here like every week looking for something hot and new xD

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