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June 29, 2012

Manful: The Detective

Manful: The Detective
Price: USD$9.99
Buy Now at Studio Rai29
Desperate to find the hot endings? Get the Top Secret Walkthrough Guide Manful: The Detective ebook.

Detective Desben is investigating a...back-alley? Ask him why!

- Chat simulation
- Music
- Different underwear
- Multiple endings (some interactive)
- User Guide (PDF format)
- Fullscreen mode

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Mokou Fujiwara said...

1st manful of july is here! Yeah!

is there 2nd manful of july?

Unknown said...

Very nicely done, as always !

I'm a big fan of all your works, I like them so much that I had the "Asuma and Xerude" as my iPhone backgroud since you uploaded it ! It's just awesome !

I was wondering if there is any chance that you'll make a Monthly Manful for Asuma (The Ninja?), where we can tease the stud and slap his buttocks of play with his hairy pecs in the ending, I'm drooling already at the idea *c*

It's gonna be the best thing in the world, you can make me (and a lot of Asuma fans of yours) so happy, so please do ! I love you !

Thanks a lot for the inspiring work :)

Emlox said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emlox said...

hehe desben is definitely my favorite new hunk because the more angry, looks more sexy .... he likes to be stripped, but he doesnt admit it ;).

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