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July 16, 2012

A Keric Distraction


Managing time is one skill that I've yet to master. :P I get distracted way too easily. Like sketching Keric when I have tons of work left to do, haha! I need to train myself to manage time better, hehe. Anyone have any methods that work brilliantly for them?


Anonymous said...

When you create and post sketches like that you make the world a better place for us all to live in. I think you're managing your time just fine. :-)

Celestial Dictator said...

Agreed however we are still waiting for this months second manful. I have suggestions for later manfuls 1.the ninja 2.the butler 3.The scientist 4.the attorney

beastfucker said...


Unknown said...

Managing time has no secrets: you just have to focus. Sad or not, this is a fact. Beside the fact you post these awesome sketches here for us, think you could have all your work done and, after that, you could fully focus your impressive potential on doing more works here, and maybe earning some money on the way.

Think about it! ;)

josefie said...

try listing all the things that you do and rate them from the most important to the least.

HelloShihHao said...

Oh, I just want to see Keric get fucked by other humplex's characters...isn't it a good idea?

Conner Dixon said...

Hey Yusei, I'm making a new book and wanted to include you and some characters, I'll give you like 40% of the profits if you approve, <3's from Conner Dixon

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