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February 26, 2015

Hunkamation #3 (Arus Takes It)

Arus takes it from the giant fox like a champ!

What's a Hunkamation?
A naughty scene to get you cumming long and hard, repeatedly!

How to enjoy a Hunkamation?
- Bring it with you anywhere on your mobile devices.
- Hook up your computer to your HDTV and watch it on a bigger screen.

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Regular sized scene 640 x 360 pixels (.gif)

Big sized scene 1280 x 720 pixels (.gif)

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Charles Hardy said...

so whats in a hunkamation, is it just the same as the gif above just with larger sizes and different formats?

humbuged said...

Hello! Yes, a Hunkamation package is the animated gif but in larger sizes and formats. :)

Charles Hardy said...

Any chance that in the future we couldhave somthing like a monthly manful with arus in or one of the other furries, we dont get to see them much :/

Randy Chavira said...

are you guys working on kerics complex 4

Chris Reyes said...

I love all you're stuff and hope there will me more guys of color in the monthly manfuls :). Just wondering, are you gonna do any more that are based of another character? Like how the ice carver was based off kristoff from frozen.

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