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May 8, 2007

About Us

The Gay Playground is a place where people can be entertained by gay erotica works from art to flash games. is growing each day, adding more games into the library. Ranging from hardcore gay erotica, to gay-centric works that people can enjoy.

Huminia is filled with the myth of Huminia. It is a place that is rich in color and populated by gorgeous muscle boys. There is also a secret. Huminia is not a world. Huminia is a place that is a collection of alternate worlds. The main world of Huminia is the world of the Humelves. There is another alternate Huminia, inhabited by the Humfurs.

The Humelves

Keric Galathil
Cylhann Oronar aka Cyl
Zeoh, Master Scientist
Isen & Isel Ishandre

The Humfurs

Arus the Monkey
Zulf the Wolf
Toraz the Tiger

Main world of Huminia Map
World of Huminia


Anonymous said...

You are so hot, Hummy! I want you!

Anonymous said...

Ah huminia do you do holidays to the island ^^ does each visitor get ther own personal muscled elf boy.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a place I'd like to visit!

Anonymous said...

So I geuss you're the king of Huminia? lol you're the best hum! I wish I could draw like you :( you make everything look sexy lol ive been visiting for over 6 monthes and I just want my presence to be known. -R

SkillShot said...

I love your work. Nice lines, good angels....just f'ing good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mate,

I ran across your artwork site last night and I thought the pictures were terrific.
You are obviously a very artist.

If you ever feel like turning your work into funky free e-cards as a viral way of spreading the word about your site, I would love to hear from you.

With your permission, I would use the images from your site, or those you wish to send me, and create a special section
on my site for your work.

I see you already have your url on the pictures, which is great. Card senders will know where to get more of your work.

I would then email my newsletter list letting them know about your fantastic creations and encourage them to make them into cards.

It could be a great, free way to get your work seen by a fresh audience.

Thanks for your consideration and all the best.


Anonymous said...

Who are you, can you tell us more about yourself the artist? You are amazing

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell more about yourself?
I envy you!

Anonymous said...

You're Great!!!!

Anonymous said...

I still wanna know more about the artist behing the whole artwork (wich rocks, btw).

Renada said...

Hi! I like your work. well my bad side does anyway. --w--
anyway, i'd like to show you this picture. feel free to use the design any way.This is Lithia. he is my own race called maorais.

Anonymous said...

where is humania ???? i am looking for it but i really dont see anything called humania??? i am so confuse D:

Anonymous said...

why doesn't give comics about zulf or arus?
they are my favourite charakter.
please make some comics!!! X3

your fan

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

when is da keric komplex number four coming?

Unknown said...

Hey guys I'm new here :D And hump can you make
a masturbation game about dante from DMC? He's soooooo hot

Sims 3 said...

Very good site. It could be possibly a hint? I can not really English but:
What would you do in a game. The game is that there is a man. A man can choose. There is a small icon next to the man. Something to do. If you did good things to choose from the following: Greater muscle bigger penis larger stomach. And he is clothed. The larger muscles in the penis or the belly or the more torn apart the dress. Eventually, if enough money is enough then maybe, say, the bigger penis. Then the tears of trousers. Or the muscle. Then the shirt is also divided into two parts.

Ben said...

So wish you bring back those Zulf shirts which you stopped making. They look awesome!

Anonymous said...

Aaaw Hummers -- really love your website, been a fan since the first Keric's Komplex. One question though - are you still working on that series? Would really love to see a KK4

Hilde Orens said...

Dear Sir,

Please take a look at the gay short film '306', written, directed and produced by Elliot London.
This video does contain graphic nudity. Please share the video on your site?

Thank You.

DJ Korina said...

i wish i had a ticket

Diamond 100Ct said...

i wanna play humplex with thai boxing

Unknown said...

hey sweetie, this is
i came across a site shared by one of my links posting this

i am an avid fan of this playground for quite a time now.. and.. uhm... idunno... am just here to report something...
sheck em out anyway...

Micki said...

Hummy! <3 I remember coming across your first game, Kerics Komplex and was wondering... when are you going to add another installment to the series? </3

Unknown said...

I have been watching and playing since, well...Before I was legal! This site helped me find my place in my sexuality, the realistic muscular body styles of the men here are really a turn on. I cant help but wonder how they reproduce?

Of course you never see any women, its a gay fantasy afterall. How do you get new Humelves within that reality? Are there unseen straight relations? A super science type deal where they are grown in a tube? Mystical elven magic? The famous yaoi fanfiction event: M-preg? I have a need to sate my mind, and not just my body!

Peter said...

i have a tiny suggestion...
can you guys make a santa flash game??
it will be really cool!!

Cexoca said...

Hi there
I've bought a bunch of your Manful games and I think they're really hot and the special endings that you can unlock are great too. But I was hoping you could add a Cumshot option to the special endings.Like a button on the side to prompt a cumshot animation. Just a suggestion that I really hope you consider..

Zulfforlife said...

Make more "Humfers" as you call them (God that name just seems to dumb. No offece)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to do some fanfiction for this world. I'm a horrible artist, but I can write. :D

Anonymous 12 said...

Where is Keric's Complex Chapter 4

Unknown said...

I have enjoyed seeing & playing the monthly manful characters that you have produced, I like the Knight very much as I am a ancient historian.

During some of my internet searches to check if any new characters had been released I have seen a link to the monthly manful house, but cant find anymore information on this.

could you clarify this for me as I would like to try & find out what this is ? thanx

Anonymous said...

Pardon for asking, but...

Is Huminia inhabited by ONLY gay elf men? Just asking.

Artemis said...

Guys Will you ever do foot stuff as secret endings in the monthly manful series?

tb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tb said...

Excuse me. How do I purchase data of this URL ?

※ I am a Japanese , I'm sorry if there is an error .

Anonymous said...

Guys, how should I get the Top Secret Walkthrough Guide Manful of all games (pdf format), please give me a guide or link, thank you very much!

deficientsoul said...

Hi! Good day, would it be alright if I can use your photographs as marketing tool for a personal event? I'll trigger back the credits to you..

Please email me at

Thank you!

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