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May 13, 2007

Sketch of oral

Pretty boy being fed :) I love oral pics. They're just so good to look at and fun to sketch :P


Anonymous said...

Yum. I'd want some with my coffee. XD >:3

humbuged said...

hahahaha extra protein to go with yer eggs ;)

Anonymous said...

Hum, don't take this the wrong way but I thought the person was a woman not a pretty boy... I think maybe it was the hair style and the pretty features that made me think that. Don't get me wrong the artwork is still good. [/2 sens (hope I got that correct a sen is a Malaysian coin)]

humbuged said...

haha jeff, its ok. boys who look like girls are the "in" thing in japan ;) lol

DJ Korina said...

*climbs in the tree upsidedown* i like looking at oral pic's upside down hahahaha! xD

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