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June 17, 2007

Keric Asks For Help

Shy Keric needs help with his toy :) Would you help him? :P

At first the toy isn't supposed to be there, but the picture looked too empty! Lol, so I thought what the heck, I'll put in some props. Normally Keric wouldn't even ASK! He's much too shy :P You have to "force" him into doing lewd acts, haha!

Or maybe he's just so horny!


imnotjeff said...

Keric reminds me of someone I know from GT. I can only dream about helping him out ;)

I didn't want to say this in the "color me" post... but your use of color, shading, and blending is far superior. Maybe that is what makes your art so good.

Anonymous said...

Keric's nipple and bubble butt makes me cum so hard

Anonymous said...

No,it's not just the color,at least for me.

I personally LOVE Xerude and Keric pics.

Unknown said...

gah! +___+;;;;

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