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July 13, 2007

Weekend Off

Hey, guys! Wow, I said to myself I wanted to take a break from all this for a day or two...It turned out to be a whole week now, haha. Sorry folks, I'll be plugging back more often starting next Monday ;) Here I'll leave you with a commission I was working on before I went off to the land of art-limbo.


Anonymous said...

Nice! Pic Needs to be complete! You need to draw ChrisxKevin as they are the hottest men in Resident Evil. *Drools* Keep up the good work!^_^

Anonymous said...

Hot, but it would be even better still if it was messy. :P

Anonymous said...

still no updates..


Anonymous said...

no updates!??! *commits suicide*

Anonymous said...

Damn that Nintendo... ;(

Rick said...

oh fuck ya thats hot. =)

Anonymous said...

ok... monday was 3 days ago

Anonymous said...

takes as much time as you need i'm just happy with everything you've done so far, thank you ^__^

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

2 weeks and counting.

-cuts self-

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