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August 2, 2007

Keric T-shirts on the Way!

Hello everyone! Yes, I've finally finished with the "Winged Keric" t-shirt design. It's been approved by that it's good for t-shirt printing. :D

There are 4 variants to choose from! 2 for Men and 2 for Women.

Colors for Guys

  • Purple & Pink
  • Burgundy & White

Colors for Ladies

  • Red & Yellow
  • Navy Blue & White

The pricing for the shirts are all the same. About USD20 ([b]Not confirmed[/b]). I'm still tweaking some things and setting up my Spreadshirt shop. Hopefully it'll be ready in a few days. :)

Would love to hear what you all think! Please post a comment :D


Anonymous said...

I say this with all the love and respect of someone who is a huge fan of your work, and if you'll excuse my candidness, I simply cannot see myself wearing a shirt of a half naked Keric around anyone I know!

The design is lovely and Keric is as hot as ever, however. So I hope it sells well!

Anonymous said...

tsuki: Ah, I see :) I'll be adding more designs to my t-shirt stuff soon, and I'll do some that are more mainstream. :D

White Wabbit said...

I actually reckon it's an alright design, it's pretty classy, not too 'THIS IS A HALF NAKED MAN' in your face, really good colours; a good graphic design. So well done! I may even buy one. But I do wonder... what if a guy like me wants the colours on one of the girl's designs? Or the men's colours on a ladies' top? Cuz sometimes the womens' styles fit better anyway... *classy*

Wabbit xx

Travis said...

I'd totally buy the maroon one ;)

Sonarix said...

The maroon one? Total love. I totally intend to buy one of these. :3 Thank you for your wonderful art :D

CRANNY said...

I was at a cafe having coffee and my friend and I saw one of the workers wearing this shirt and after asking where he got it I found this site. I LOVE THIS SHIRT! great art!

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