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September 23, 2007

Be...bent Online Gay Community Banners

Hey peeps! This is my drawin--

WTF You didn't draw that!

Uhm, I did... 8|

You liar! Where's Hum?! I'm calling the polic--*gets bonked on the head*

*Throws away the bat* Uhm, yeah as I was saying, I drew these :P Lol, I know it's a different style. Not my usual, but sometimes I like creating (semi)realistic looking dudes. These were done for, a forum that I sometimes go to (Hello, Cubey if you're reading!). Met lots of really great and awesome (looking!) guys there too.

This was the first banner I made for Bebent. Kissy kissy! I just looove the skin tones I used haha. Most of the time, I don't know what color to use. I just go with what color I think will be appropriate. After, a few color practices, illustrators usually get like a 6th sense about these things.

The second banner, I chose a picture of Alexandre Verga (what a stud!) as reference. I just changed the color of his shorts haha. I was going to make more of these but I guess I was busy? Hmm, I don't remember. It was dated 2006. I have really a bad memory. Maybe I need to play Brain Age 2 more lol.

Hmm, I hope someone out there likes this style and decides to hire me for some freelance illustrations hahahaha! What do you guys think? ;) I kind of envision these on toilet paper 8| I dunno I'm just nuts lol.

Here's some wallpapers & horizontal banners if you like 'em.

PS - Yes, I'm digging out some old works to post until I get my Wacom Graphire4! Gawd, how many days has it been?! ARGH!

PSS - Aww, I got banned from y!gallery for posting the second banner. Oh well :(


Anonymous said...

Hello, I've been visiting your site regularly but I've been slighty too shy to actually leave you a message. I love your work, and although I don't go on Be..bent anymore, those are awesome looking banners and wallpapers. Any chances of you doing some wallpapers with your elves? I've been thinking how great it would be to have some of them on macbook desktop. ;)

humbuged said...

Oh, yes I have! Hehe, I could probably use some of the older pictures. Maybe if I'm bored while waiting for my wacom to arrive, I'll just take one of the old ones and make em into wallpapers or something :)

Anonymous said...

Y-gallery banned you, for posting works you drew..? O_o (Actually after reading some what fur affinity artists have written about Y-gallery I'm a little less surprised, but still.) Or was it the web address, and they're afraid you'll 'steal' their web traffic to bebent?

humbuged said...

Oh, nah it's cause I traced a photo =/ Sigh. No harm though :D It's only two weeks. Plus not people can flock to my blog for new art hehe ;) Welcome welcome all!

Anonymous said...

I could maybe have kind of guessed those were your works, they remind me of the style of some stuff you had on GayYaoiandMore all those years ago! Really pretty banners- it's fun to see you exhibit a different technique! I'm sorry you got suspended from YGal, thank goodness it's temporary. Of course it's not like I'd miss your work anyway, since I check the blog every day XD Thanks for sharing stuff with us so frequently humbuged!!!

Anonymous said...

y!gallery suxs, so dont worry about that

hummy lover ;)

Anonymous said...

the banners look just like your work especially the second one. They are amazing. im sorry about ygallery maybe your wacom will come just in time for the stupid suspension to be over yay ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hi Hum,

Hello back at you, I know about your blog its one of my fav places to catch up on.

I cannot thank you enough for the fantastic works you did for me.

C.U.B.E. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey cubey! :D I love doing stuff like these for bebent :) I was thinking of making a new one that matches bebent's new color scheme :D gotta wait for my wacom! oooooh, it's taking so long ;_;

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