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October 11, 2007

Look at Beau Jump!

I love Beau! Beau is Bo-Giliam's fursona :) I just love the blue color. That, and his happy smile :D

Beau, Bo-Gilliam's Fursona

Ok ok I confess, I wanted to make an explicit picture but I figured it won't be Beau then...So I made him hoppity hop down to the Beach :D Look at Beau jump!

I REALLY wanted to draw a picture of Beau. This is actually the third try! Well, it was my third try because the first picture was crappy. The second was actually finished! Unfortunately it got corrupted when I tried to save the picture :( I almost cried my eyeballs out. Luckily, this third attempt made it :) I feel like jumping too :D


Anonymous said...


That's so cute ^^

Anonymous said...

::takes one hell of a deep breath::


Anonymous said...

Aw! He looks so happy! This picture turned out great, Hum! Sorry to hear about losing the second one, though. X.x. I've had that happen to me before (not art, but other stuff) so I know how you feel.

Anonymous said...

awl! tee hee, he's soooo cute. :0P

Anonymous said...

lol, bo-gillians chara XD
i never expect to see him here

i like a lot more Hibuki but this blue doggy is cute too

dreamerboy6 said...

Awww! So cool! :) You're right! His smile IS cute! ^_^ Too awesome for words. :)

Unknown said...

omg super cuuuuuute!! XD


Anonymous said...

Bo-Gilliam... Where have I heard that name before...
Wait... It can't possibly also be...
Bo-Gilliam of's forums!?!?

humbuged said...

anon, he is!

kouken, hehehehe

sar, corrupted stuff aren't fun

brandon, :D

anon, ah hibiki is cute too. beau pulls at my heart strings ;D

dreamer :D

kurai ^O^

anon, i dunno, it's bo-gilliam from furaffinity

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