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October 13, 2007

Toraz, Legendary Warrior (Remake) & Zulf

I did another Toraz picture. I changed how he looks a little, like his hair. I have no idea how Toraz came to be a legendary swordsman :P He came into Zulf's juice bar one day and from then on, both men became close friends.

Toraz, Legendary Warrior

(Toraz in underwear & naked)

Seeing as how Toraz is new in town, Zulf offered him a job as the juice bar's security officer. Even though the bar doesn't actually get a lot of patrons :P But Toraz took the job anyway. I'm thinking Zulf just wanted some eye candy 24/7 in his juice bar :P

I also designed Zulf's bartender attire :) Doesn't he look dashing? :D

Zulf bartender

(You can find his underwear & naked pics here)

Well, thats just a rough outline. I don't even know if I'll stick with this story hehe. It's fun making up things :) I'll be making an Arus pic after this. You all have a nice day/night!


Anonymous said...

mmm what a big sword toraz has. ;0P

Tsuki said...

I'm liking the style you've gone in lately, especially here with Toraz. For a while your stuff was going in a highly sketchy style which I think is good every now and then, but I found it was getting too distracting.

Of course that's just my own personal tastes! Your works are some of my favorites in any case~

Anonymous said...

Been a long time fan of your work, can't get enough of it!!! Love Toraz's new look, he looks grrrreat!!

Anonymous said...

yay for arus coming up! and yeah toraz is the most dashing character i think

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! :o I can't view Toraz's underwear and nakie pictures. ToT I'm sure they are yummy nonetheless. I'll use my imagination. :3 <3 Keep up the schmexeh work.

humbuged said...

tsuki, it depends on how i drew the piece. nowadays, i keep using layers. i guess thats why it got cleaner XD glad u like :)

anon1, rawr ;D

anon2, yes arus the monkey boy wheeee~

diamond, oooh i fixed it :O i wonder why it didnt show up!

Anonymous said...

I like the concept of the slow reveal, with each picture disrobing this stunning character one article of clothing at a time. The underwear and nude shots were just as great as the original.

Anonymous said...

I love the whole drawing. I hope to see soon a pic of them together. :D

Anonymous said...

Any chances of making something where theyre togetha?
Must be annoying that all the ppl are disturbing u with aaaaaaaaaall these requests.

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