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October 15, 2007

Zulf Tied Up! (Rough)

Oh no! Some burglars came into Zulf's juice bar and tied him up! :O Where's Toraz when you need him? Maybe Zulf hasn't met him yet and he doesn't have a security officer yet? Poor Zulf. Uhm, so why is he all excited down there? Hehehehe XD

Zulf Tied Up! (Rough)

Ok ok I confess. I was too lazy to draw the arms and legs. Didn't want to make him look like an amputee so, ropes to the rescue :P


Anonymous said...

Awww ~ Poor Zulfy, but so smexeh! >:3 <3

Anonymous said...

Eeek! I cannot wait for the finished product. :0P

Anonymous said...

Oooh. Now that's one sexy wolf. He looks rather pissed, though. I don't think non-consensual BDSM is his thing. XD

Anonymous said...

mmmm yummy!!!

humbuged said...

diamon, glad you like him ;)

brandon, nah i dont think im going to clean this one up

sar, he IS pissed! hehe, he likes some gentle lovin

ave, thx :)

Anonymous said...

awl. well just the same, it is really good. :0)

Unknown said...

I love this picture!
Please make a fair copy!
I want to see!

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