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November 7, 2007

Back With No Net

Hey guys! Typing this on my phone. Yup I've been back a couple of days now but unfortunately my net has been cut! Sucks to be me huh? Well hopefully I'll be able to rattle everything by tomorrow! I've missed you guys (hugs) So whats been happening with you all? :)


batsu said...

happy you're back!!excuse my bad english please!well,i'll come back tomorrow to see your new stuff.bye!hug you

dreamerboy6 said...

Hey! Have you seen this while you were away? Keric and someone else's original character. :)

Anonymous said...

Awl. Hopefully you get everything sorted out easily and quickly. :0) By the way, missed you. :0P

Anonymous said...

Awww that's some bad luck. :( hope you get it sorted soon.

What's for dinner? :D

Anonymous said...

Heh...I like Akwaishigot's stuff in coordination with Humbuged...I like it just as much as Keric/Xerude and Drake together. :D
Anyway, nice to see that you're finally back! It's been sad seeing no updates from you, but anyway that sucks that you have no internet...GET IT BACK SOON!!! lol

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