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December 27, 2007

Keric's Butt...Damn you PC!

Here's Keric showing his ass...did this out of frustration >:( After using it the whole afternoon the PC suddenly shuts down! Drawing this with a feeling of dread that the computer will shut down any moment is NOT a fun feeling...

Keric's Ass

Messy version here

ARGH I don't know what to do anymore. I read that it might be the power supply thingy? Maybe my extension cable is not good? I'll try to buy another one tomorrow...but if all esle fails, I think I should just trade in this piece of junk and get a new computer. I don't care if it's not as fast or powerful as this as long as it doesn't keep shutting off when I'm trying to do work >_<


Kain3 said...

Hahaha.... I know how frustrating it is!!! Remember the Xmas pic I was doing for all of you??? Well... after the whole day doing the lineart... and almost getting done the coloring.... THE NOTEBOOK SENDS ME ERROR MESSAGE... And all got restarted to the lineart....


Well, see you online, Hummie!

Anonymous said...

kain - aww i feel for you man. i think mine has a case of spyware/malware though. Hopefully, a full scan using ad-aware and spybot will rid me of this problem...

Anonymous said...

Not to be so "positive," but I'm sure it's not a spyware/malware related issue...such programs exist to feed off your computer and use your resources to replicate and preserve itself. The spontaneous shutdown sounds a lot like overheating. Also, where is your computer placed? Like, is it a snug boxy-like area? If all the exhaust ports are blocked, your PC is gonna be getting hit, HARD.

batsu said...

hope you'll find the solution.kiss

Anonymous said...

Try re-seating the RAM? Power supply is a good hunch, is it random. If you can make it happen, take it to best buy and let them "try their power supply" they have on the desk. They did this for me for FREE. Its worth a shot?

Gusty said...

creamy butt hole... i love it. hahaha. hope all comes out well in the end. i love your work.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that your pc's still giving you grief. If the shop you took it to says it's fine, maybe the problem's at your end. Is your pc connected to a voltage regulator? I mean, if the shutdown's random (even your overheating components) might be caused by voltage fluctuations. Try investing in an auto voltage regulator (AVR) or an < gasp > expensive < /gasp > uninterrupted power supply (UPS). Oh, one other thing is you might want to do without that extension cable for a try. One time, when I was not in the office, this fool officemate of mine, bless his soul, blew 3 AVRs in 10 minutes. When I came back to inspect the carnage, I saw that he was connecting the AVRs to an extension cable that was connected to another extension cable. Apparently he was moving the computer to the other side of the room.

Oh, and nice butt on Keric btw.

Anonymous said...

i had the same problem with an HP laptop. it kept spontaneously shutting down while i was right in the middle of doing something. i figured it was overheating or something. ever since i got a new battery for it i haven't had it happen.

Anonymous said...

aww...such a cute bubble butt. :3

Technology can be so frustrating. I mean one day it can help you with calculations and programming. And another it would be easier to program a video out of paper and pencil. :/

Anonymous said...

Hummy sometimes a slow computer will not do, i think in your case you may need faster processor because your pictures take alot of space :P

LNP- Ground Zero said...

>3 lawl bubble butt.

D: aww, i know what you mean--my desktop had that problem once--and it's like when you aren't doing shit that's important it runs just fine--til you open an art program, all it ever does is ">:U I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE--*SHUTSOFF*"

Go get it fixed, humbug. Something's wrong with your motherboard. And soon--it gets worse.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! that ass is freaking gorgeous! I LOVE IT!!!! O_O

Keep up the great work!

DJ Korina said...

he looks like hes looking at me o_O

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