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January 16, 2008

11111K Hit Art on Furaffinity

A masturbating Phoenix Wright for Minimoni :)

Phoenix Wright Masturbating

Messy version here

Well, there's some good news and bad news. The good news is that my dad has a voltage stabilizer that was hidden in the store room. Tested it out and it works great! Now my comp doesn't shut down anymore, whee!

Bad news, something wrong with the phone line. I keep getting disconnected every 30 seconds or so. You can imagine how hard it is just to post this post 8| Ah, well one crisis at a time :) Hope you all are doing ok :D


JC said...

HOT!!! *Saves to HD
Makes me want to get back into that game. I got up to the camping case and quit. And now there are like 2 sequels!! Gah! so behind!

Nice color choices in this piece, dude.


Anonymous said...

Your art makes my nights. Haha.
Good luck with your problems. Hope they are resolved soon.

Anonymous said...

Woo!!! Phoenix is just so freakin' hot! :D

Anonymous said...


Your pixs make me ....................... WOW!!

I LOVE THEM >> ; )

>>>>> KOK <<<<<

White Wabbit said...

Jus what a guy needs after a tough day in the courtroom...

Wabbit xx

P.s. I know all about bad connections - try livin at my mums

humbuged said...

jc, thx man! :D i used the color picker and took it from te official art hehe XD

boyo, thx man everything seems fine now :D

dcx, woooooo ;D

paul, thaaaanx :D

wabbit, LOL XD

Ambrosian Summers said...

lol wow.

Objection Overruled. ;D

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