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April 10, 2008

Electricity Bil & Design Ur Elf Submissions

Hi everyone! :D I'm so glad for all the support you all have given me ;_; I've got enough to pay half the bil and it'll be enough to keep the lights on in the Humplex!! The boys are already working on it :D

Electrician Keric

Electrician Arus

Now, now Arus, you have to wear those protective gear :O Be a good monkey boy :)

And wow, the turnout for the Design Ur Elf Contest is wonderful!

Look at all the beautiful elf boys

There's still time left so send it your submissions everyone :)

Naughty Electrician Arus

Oh no...naughty Arus! :P


G the Great said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
G the Great said...

Ooooh! Kerric's gonna make my circuits blow... can blow my circuits...

there's no way to keep that from sounding plain smutty is there?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Keric ~ *w* <3

Anonymous said...

Yet another picture of Arus that makes me like the furry stuff that you do and hate pretty much everyone else's. *sigh*
That aside, Keric is hot as an electrician. :D~

Anonymous said...

great works!
bye from italy

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