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April 10, 2008

Shirtless Link (Comission)

Shirtless Link commission :) Technically, he can't be shirtless and have the lil' skirt thing but what the customer wants, he gets haha :)

Shirtless Link


Anonymous said...

*drools everywhere* omg thank you for this, ... you should do more Link art Hum...seriously, he's one hot elf!

Anonymous said...

Oooh ~ some Link fan-service. X3 <3

Kolby said...


G the Great said...

Link is, to my taste at least, the cutest of nintendo's men.

Anonymous said...

HAH! I didn't think Link was so ripped... cute though :)

dreamerboy6 said...

Omg! Awesome! I'm playing Twilight Princess, so I'm in a VERY Link-loving mood. There's actually a scene in this one where he's shirtless, doing sumo wrestling training. Your rendition, however, is MUCH hotter. :)

Anonymous said...

holly carp! link never looked better! great job!

flo said...

ouaaaaaaa !!
you make link passed in another class: the sikly and androginous guy becomes a real man
ouaa more link please with Ganondorf maybe ^^ a little battle

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