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December 2, 2008

Flash Gift for December 2008

Flash Gift for December 2008

Arus & Tentacles
Price: USD$4.99
Buy Now at Studio Rai29

What has this naughty monkey boy gotten himself into this time? It would seem that Arus stumbled upon a tentacle creature's trap and is now enjoying the erotic consequences! We'll have to ask him about it later, but for now we can enjoy this animation which includes keyboard shortcuts for easy one-handed fun!

- Looped animation scenes
- Change animation speed
- Button presses for cum scene
- Keyboard key presses for changing speed and cum scene

More at Studio Rai29.

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Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

I love you humbuged and I support you in all your endeavors, but $10 is very pricey!

Anonymous said...

that is pretty pricey, as it is basically a one off disposable. focus on the commisions, you can charge alot more than you are for them. hell i'd pay £100+ for a full colour commision from you. but you hardly seem to do commissions any more.


JC said...

Hey bud. If you want the opinion of another artist working in gay erotica-- $10 is actually just right. Flash animation is a lot of hard work and there are NO other gay erotica artists doing what you're doing. It's innovative and unique and you guys aren't going to find it anywhere else. $10 is perfect.

HOWEVER, I do agree that you can charge more for commissions.

You are a pioneer, my friend. Cheers!


Kenny Ray said...

So I paid my $10. When do I get, uh, satisfaction? I'm so excited, can't wait!

JC said...

I bought them all. Very cute, each of them. I must say though, my favorite is the Xerude + Friend. Very raunchy!

Humbug, your next one should have an option to keep them cumming for as long as the user wants. >___<

Did I just say that? cheers!


Anonymous said...

I'd like to buy this, but I paid yesterday with my credit card and I'm not sure if it went through. Didn't start out with and AlertPay account and when I got one at the end, it didn't list a transaction. Also, I have yet to get the flash in my e-mail. It would be a lot more convenient if PayPal were also an option, since a lot of people and places already have one. I at least know how that works.

humbuged said...

Anon, would, you send an email about this to Just mention what you've said here and I'm sure my friend will help you :)

AlertPay is more friendly to sellers who are selling adult content. Paypal is totally against sellers selling adult content :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I just did. Maybe it's just because I bungled the process somehow, but at least now I'll know. XD

Anonymous said...

Hey! I was wondering if you can make a game, you know? Masturbating Tidus from final fantasy X, like wakka and snake!
Can answer me:

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