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August 28, 2007

Illidan, World of Warcraft (Colored), Links, Rants & The Humcorner

Well, finally hauled my ass up and started coloring this bad boy up :P I refered to the official artwork for the colors. I kind of emulated the way the original artist's detailed coloring (like the hair). I kind of like the hair :)

Messy version here.

Also, take note how he glows! Especially that part, lol! Everyone likes glowing things right? I have to always remind myself not to go overboard. So far nobody has complained yet, so I guess that's a good sign :) The messy version was tricky. Mostly due to my computer's stupidity. It always lags! I almost trashed the comp cause it took so long drag stuff in the layers...And don't get me started when I go to sites with flash files. The horror!

*Ahem* Anyway, I put up some nice new links! First is my friend Horsey's Home on the Web. He's a really nice guy and we've been friend's for awhile :) Also another new friend, Chazee50's A Guy Who Draws Guys blog. FYI, Chazee is the guy who drew the Brother to Dragons comic, published by Class Comics! OMG I know a celeb, haha! So please hop to both links and browse around their blogs :)

Also a new addition to my blog is The Humcorner! A place where all you people can chat and stuff. Like if you wanna ask me something that's not related to a post and you're too lazy to mail me :) You find find it right on the side bar -->

PS - If you noticed on the previous post I put "War of Warcraft" as the title...I'm leaving it there to remind me of my stupidity :P

PSS - If you like my works, why not give me some tips? ;)

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August 20, 2007

Illidan, War of Warcraft (Outlines)

Well the polls are in. Lots of WoW fans coming here to visit, eh? :) I haven't had the chance to play Warcraft games so I dunno much about 'em. I just had to blur his pee pee haha. Something to look forward to when the I finish coloring this picture. This guy jumped out at me though while I was researching characters from the game. He's hawt!

I was looking for other characters besides elves though. Somehow the humans in the warcraft games aren't that yummy. Except for that guy who became the Lich King (forgot his name). He was cute. I was gonna do them both together but that human's armor was too intimidating for me haha. So, you guys are stuck with Illidan. :P

Oh yeah and I'll add his tattoo later when I color him. Expect a messy version to cum with this too (lol pun intended).

Would love to hear from the WoW fans. Take a time of and comment on why you like the game so much and stuff. :)


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August 16, 2007

Cyl & Keric, The Chase

Cute artworks are pretty hard to draw. Especially if you still want the muscle elves to look...muscley. I think I managed to strike a balance with this one. I especially like Keric's abs! Cyl looks just as cute. I don't know about the speech bubble though. Perhaps I'll make it rounder when I change it to vector.

I was thinking this would work pretty well on a mousepad. Or perhaps another t-shirt? ;)

PS - I'll be away for 2-3 days so I won't be able to get on the net. See you guys soon though!
Yeah, I changed my mind :P Guess you're all stuck here with me, haha...

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August 15, 2007

Winged Keric T-shirts

August 15th is going to be here soon :) Get some cool Winged Keric t-shirts for $17.99 before the price goes to $19.99. Head over to The Humshop!

Feedback is very much appreciated. Is the color not the one you wanted? Is it too gay? Please post some comments about the t-shirts in this post. :)

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August 13, 2007

Cyl Licks Keric

Doesn't it make you wonder how Keric always lets Cyl do whatever he wants to him? Keric doesn't like Cyl much, but I guess he likes how Cyl makes him feel, haha. Does that make him a slut? Or maybe Keric really DOES like Cyl...hmm.

I don't do many pics of all my boys together do I? :P I wonder who I should pair Xerude with...He doesn't strike me as someone who likes to be attached though. And who the hell is his son?? Hahahaha, guess we'll know soon down the road ;)

Here's Cyl happily licking Keric's neck. Keric doesn't seem to put up much of a fight ;)

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August 11, 2007

Patrick Fillion, Links & News

Patrick Fillion over at Boytoons Magazine was so gracious as to give my blog a mention. I like visiting his site often cause its always nice to look and simple and uncluttered (unlike mine, eheh). That, and his hot art is in there too. It's not everyday I get any mention from famous people ;) As a thank you, I drew a picture of his character, Cam. Thanks, Patrick!

I also found some really awesome art blogs filled with yummy pictures of men! Oooo, whenever I look at great art, I make a mental note to practice more and more to be at their level. Meatcute is filled with great art from various artists. Although, the owner of the site, C. Edwards does post his drawings too of course and they're all wonderfully drawn!

The first picture alone made me drool over J's artwork (No, it's not the same Mr. J that I gave the Tips Jar Gift to). It's only a picture of a man's back, too. Clothed. J doesn't need to draw naked men to make lust-inducing pictures. His art at Man's Adventure oozes sexiness. I hope you guys check all the links out. Really awesome stuff :)

As for my art, er, I think I need to practice lots more, huh? I've been wanting to do lots of things lately. I just hope I can actually finish them. I've still got Keric's Komplex Chapter 3 to do. I thought I'd be able to think of a story but so far, I got zilch. If it ain't making me excited, then a lot of people would feel that way too, right? Hmm,it's been put off for so long though.

If you all want to know, there was never supposed to be any other chapters aside from Chapter 1, heheh. It was a little project to see if I can do a simple interactive game with flash. Then by the end of the first chapter, I thought what the hey, I'll make it a series. Each with new stuff to play. I'm hoping to add some puzzle elements to Chapter 3. Hmm, well talking about this project is making me excited o do it. A good sign I guess, heheh.

Aside from KKC3 (hehe, I just had to abbreviate it), I actually had another flash game in the works. I even sort of finished the title page! Wanna see what it was?

Haha, yes, Arus will be getting his own game. I was thinking of making a platform game for him. I dont know how to do that yet but, uhm, I'm working on it. Kind of :P I've also thought about doing a comic. Not like that lousy teaser Pg. 6 of Keric I did, haha. A full comic. Really short. I cant handle long ones. It'll be good practice, yeah?

Sigh, so many things I want to do. Here's hoping I actually finish some of them! *raises glass* Cheers!

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Tips Jar Gift

Phew, I've had some very tiring few days. Not a bad kind of tiredness though. I've got a lot of things done. It even makes me happier to see a few people tipping my Tips Jar :D Mr. J is one such person. I've sent him a little gift to say thank you. Here's a thumbnail of the sketch. Is he naked? Only Mr. J will know hehe ;)

Please, put a tip in my tips jar if you like my stuff! :) Or you could always head to The Humshop and buy what you like there :D

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August 10, 2007

Reid Hershel (Commission)

Commissioned by Ephnat. Happy Birthday! :)

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Furaffinity 5K Gift Art

This is for KodaDax at Furaffinity for getting the 5K hit and the fastest to give it to me (somehow, there were 4 5K hitters!). His squirrel-monkey, Koda and monkey boy, Arus doing naughty things ;)

Messy version here

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August 9, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day 2007

An interactive flash for Valentine's '07 :)

2007 Valentine's Day Card

More games in the HUMRcade section.

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Happy Chinese New Year 2007

An interactive flash for CNY '07 :)

2007 Chinese New Year Card, Keric

More games in the HUMRcade section.

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Keric's Komplex Chapter 2

This is Keric's Komplex Chapter 2 :)

Copy the code below and put this flash on your site :)

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="" width="480" height="349"><param name="movie" value=""/><param name="FlashVars" value="playerMode=embedded"/></object>

More games in the HUMRcade section.

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Keric's Komplex Chapter 1

This is Keric's Komplex Chapter 1 :)

Play Keric's Komplex Chapter 2

Copy the code below and put this flash on your site :)

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="" width="480" height="349"><param name="movie" value=""/><param name="FlashVars" value="playerMode=embedded" /></object>

More games in the HUMRcade section.

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August 8, 2007

Keric Facial

3rd flash with Keric getting a facial from two anonymous cocks :D Just an animation loop again XD

Keric Facial

More games in the HUMRcade section.

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Keric in Shirt and Tie

Second flash that I did of Keric sucking cock :) Just an animation loop again XD

Keric in Shirt and Tie

More games in the HUMRcade section.

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How To Color Your Muscle Men In OpenCanvas4 : Part 2 - Hair & Clothes

Continued from How To Color Your Muscle Men In OpenCanvas4 : Part 1 - Skin Tones

Ok, next installment of this measly tutorial. Hmm, where did we left of? Oh yes, hair and clothes! Now you've already done the skin colors, open up another layer on top of the skin layer and fill it in with the base color of your choice.

So you want to keep it clean and color within the hair area only? No, problem, just click on the preserve transparency button.

Next, it's time to color! Choose the appropriate shadows for the hair. Tip: If you're too lazy to use the erase tool, press Ctrl + Z to undo your mistakes fast.

Ah, we're all done with the hair! Now it's time to fill in some colors for the clothes. Make another layer. Set it on top of your skin layer, and do what you did for the hair layer. Fill in the base color -> Use the preserve transparency button -> Color the shadows within the area.

Ah, the picture looks empty? Then lets add some color to the background. Make another layer, and set it at the very bottom. Fill in the colors that you like. I chose a greyish thingy...While I was at it, I also tweaked the skin tones by adding more darker shadows.

After all that, why not put in some bright highlights? Open another layer and set the layer to "Addition". I don't know exactly how it works but it just makes these really bright highlights when you color in the layer. Something like the Dodge tool in Photoshop I think. Choose a light color. It works best. I chose a pale yellow.

After you've added the highlights, I though of tweaking the colors a bit more. So I added some purples in the shadow area.

Not enough, I wanted to make it more purpley, so I flattened the layers (In the layers pallette, Edit -> Merge Visible) then I played around with the Gamma sliders (FIlter -> Tone of Color -> Gamma) and I ended up with the final picture! Last but not least, I added the juices, heheh. We're done :)

Messy version here.

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August 3, 2007

The Humshop Grand Opening!

Whoopee! The doors to The Humshop is now open! Meet our very friendly (and possibly a bit psycho...) salesperson, Cyl. He'll assist you in any way he can ;)

If the above flash file doesn't work click here.

PS - Anyone can guess which game title I based this from? ;)

More games in the HUMRcade section.

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August 2, 2007

Keric T-shirts on the Way!

Hello everyone! Yes, I've finally finished with the "Winged Keric" t-shirt design. It's been approved by that it's good for t-shirt printing. :D

There are 4 variants to choose from! 2 for Men and 2 for Women.

Colors for Guys

  • Purple & Pink
  • Burgundy & White

Colors for Ladies

  • Red & Yellow
  • Navy Blue & White

The pricing for the shirts are all the same. About USD20 ([b]Not confirmed[/b]). I'm still tweaking some things and setting up my Spreadshirt shop. Hopefully it'll be ready in a few days. :)

Would love to hear what you all think! Please post a comment :D

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New Banner

Well the old one didn't fit the new layout. So, of course I made a new one. Look, there's THREE hot guys in the banner now! Aww, Keric still shy with Cyl? :P If you guys notice, Cyl's hair has gotten a bit longer. He looks much cooler now, yes? What do you think? :)

Huh? Wha's Xerude doing at the back there? Could that be a...^O^

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August 1, 2007

New Layout!

Ugh, I thought it was gonna be easy but it took me a whole day to do the layout and I'm missing dinner! (cries) Hope it's not too cramped =/ Have a nice day! :)

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